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Beck Lane



Painter Beck Lane has been a working artist for over four decades. The artist's multimedium work can be found in collections from Cape Cod to NYC to CA, from So. America to Israel to Qatar. Beck is often called "prolific" & a "painter's painter", while the work is described by collectors & viewers as "the future of painting".

Lane's earlier work consisted of fairly traditional figurative vignettes but, over the last 10 yrs, the paintings have evolved into a gripping, visual adventure Beck calls "von innen" (or "from within"). It is a wholly unique style developed by applying both flat & glossy oil paint over aerosols over black & white gesso with pencil, chalk & oil pastel sometimes thrown into the mix. The result is an engaging force of techniques that express an emotional undercurrent thru color & texture.

One supporter described the work as being "the love child of a Russian graffiti artist & Vincent Van Gogh". While another wrote, "I love this woman's art. When I view it, I literally don't want to For a momentary flash of darkness may cause a distraction and I don't want to miss a thing."

  • Watch the artist's evolution, struggles, adventures & ramblings thru Catalyst & Co (formerly Studio 120) on Youtube!

  • Support the artist with monthly support thru Patreon 

  • Images of work available as posters/prints, on mugs, tshirts, hoodies, phone cases & more thru TeePublic!

Beck is currently represented by:

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