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Every day we get emails, messages and deeply compelling comments from enthusiasts from around the world. Building relationships and communicating with passionate "fans" is a major priority. If you'd like to share your enthusiasm please feel free to contact us.


  • "I love this woman's art. When I view it, I literally don't want to For a momentary flash of darkness may cause a distraction and I don't want to miss a thing." - Aaron W, RI - Facebook


  • "You are the love child of a Soviet graffiti artist and Vincent Van Gogh" - a Youtube subscriber


  • "Hi Beck, I absolutely love your paintings! You are by far the best contemporary colorist I have ever seen. I just love your art my friend" - Illustrator, book cover artist Daniel Horne


  • "My favorites of your works are those that capture so much than a mere photo. Your purposeful imagery and striking ethnic portraits are definitely discussion, and perhaps book, worthy" Carey C, FL


  • "Striving for peace among chaos. Your paintings start with an arrangement of colors, shapes, and patterns which you work into your form of peace. I love your work! You inspire me!" Cheryl M., Arkansas - Facebook


  • "You remind me of Diane Arbus because your typical subjects become very un-typical through your eyes. You imbue your paintings with a lot of strong emotion through your choice of context, composition, and color. The population groups you are drawn to are in danger of being further marginalized. You reach in and yank the humanity out of people without sacrificing their dignity or joy." Genevieve H, a collector from MA


  • "You are a reflection of the culture that surrounds you...and it shifts and returns like a sea tide...You encourage a writer and a poet." Mere C., Aukland - Facebook


  • "Truly inspired. Love your humility and your insight." Homero C, Youtube follower


  • "I'm in love with you're work! Can't wait to get to know you and your work more!" Stephanie W. - Twitter

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