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Not to point out the obvious but 2020 has been, at it's best, um.......bizarre. And yet, with all it's ebbs & flows, also as normal & heartbreaking as any other year. In short-ish:


On the personal side, my best friend, Bugsy, developed cancerous tumors in his mouth & fell so sick he had to be euthanized Aug 1st. He died at home with my body curled around his on the floor & our eyes locked on each other.  Losing him has been....nothing short of crushing. Since Bugsy's death, my cat Kittahy (Tiger) has turned out to be a wonderful, less than affectionate, indoor/outdoor pal - exactly the dog like cat I needed to keep from becoming a complete hermit.

So, we're keepin' on keepin' on - doin' what we gotta do & still working towards the future & the goals I am bound & determined to reach. CHEERS peers!

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