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"Stories from Scootertown"

"Stories from Scootertown" is a series of wordless, black & white picture books I started designing in 2005. The series is about a small town of 7 animal characters & a young boy named "Jimmy" who imagines stories & adventures while he sits in his living room surrounded by his toys, art supplies, stuffed animals & snacks.

The books have been outlined, drawn, redrawn, organized, reorganized, printed & reprinted several times till I found ideas & a distinct style I could expand on.


The stories include themes of friendship, living in community, caring, conflict & resolution, cause & effect, compassion, imagination, & adventure. The distinct pen & ink illustration style involves layering cut-out drawings & easy enough to use as a teaching tool in even basic art classes & the stories & pages are worldless so the "reader" has the ability to write their own perspective.

  • To see short synapse of books in the series, click here

  • To see illustrations from "Stories from "Scootertown, click here

  • To see easy to follow, line by line, 3D paper projects based on "Stories from Scootertown" characters & scenes visit "Let's Make!" on YouTube!


  • Jimmy - a young, possibly an only child. His character is reflected in the stories he imagines & creates thru his toys, crafts, & best friend Bugsy.  

  • Scooter is an old, worn-out teddy; the mayor of Scootertown & Honeybear's grandparent

  • Honeybear the grandchild of Scooter & Jimmy's teddy bear. He learns love, how to read & other lessons from Scooter. 

  • Bugsy is Jimmy's best friend & dog. Giving, funny, kind, patient, happy, athletic. He also drives a scooter.

  • Max is a turtle who was raised by an unidentified female turtle who teaches Max to be patient, loving, kind, compassionate, quiet, understanding & uses his shell as a meditation space which Max passes teaches to other characters when the occassion arises.

  • Jack is a little rabbit who's raised in isolation & with vague abuse. He tried to be a good neighbor but has PTSD & is reactionary, angry, & finds safety in being a bit of a hermit.

  • Joel is an orphaned squirrel who's been everywhere & loves adventure - sailing & boating, building things, knitting, camping, fishing, &  riding camels, to name a few. He also enjoys teaching & reading.

  • Dixie is a gender non-conforming bird. They are caring, kind, a little selfish & controlling, gregarious & an extremely talented cook & craft person.

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All rights reserved. The ideas & images on this website or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the artist.

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