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"Stories from Scootertown"


  • "Run Rabbit Run" - the causel effects of abuse effects & how love thru friendship (& meditation) can relieve a sad heart. LESSON: Everyone acts on their own experiences & OR hurt people hurt people.

  • "May Day Extravaganza" - Dixie plans a May Day festival for the town but becomes controlling so the other characters work together to make the most of the day in their own ways. LESSON: Everyone brings something to the table. 

  •  "King of the Pickles" - In his own home, Jack finds solace from the noise of his friends, his own PTSD & anger but is a little lonely so he pulls out his pickle jars, crowns himself King of the Pickles & they go on adventures. LESSON: It's ok to want to be alone.  

  • "Memories" - Jimmy takes us thru each character's backstory of loss, rejection or inclusion in family & how they ended up friends in Scootertown. LESSON: We all have our own experiences. 

  • "Best Friends" - Jimmy shows us how & why the characters have someone they consider their best friend even tho they aren't exactly alike. LESSON: We all have things to offer that make us worthwhile.

  • "Bath time is Math Time" - Jimmy imagines math problems thru the other Scootertown characters & things they play with in the bathtub. LESSON: Basic math

  •  "Let's make!" - Jimmy imagines the characters making & creating projects out of paper, toilet paper rolls, using scissors, markers or pens & glue or tape. (instead of buying new toys). The book, however, not only shows the characters making the items but reproducible illustrations of the  projects & directions. LESSON: Use what you have like your imagination!

Copyright © 2020 by (Rebecca) Beck Lane All rights reserved. The ideas & images on this website or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the artist.


  • Jimmy - a 4-12 yr old boy, possibly an only child. His character is reflected in the stories he imagines. Jimmy's skin color could be a variety of browns but his race & nationality is undefined - the definition is left up to the viewer. 

  • Scooter is an old, worn-out teddy & the mayor of Scootertown. 

  • Honeybear is the grandchild of Scooter & Jimmy's teddy bear. He learns love, how to read & other lessons from Scooter. 

  • Bugsy is Jimmy's best friend & dog. Giving, funny, kind, patient, happy, athletic. He also drives a scooter.

  • Max is a turtle who was raised by an unidentified female turtle who teaches Max to be patient, loving, kind, quiet, understanding & to use his shell as a meditation space which Max passes on to other characters when they are stressed.

  • Jack is a little rabbit who's raised in isolation & with vague abuse. He tried to be a good neighbor but has PTSD & is reactionary, angry, & finds safety in being a bit of a hermit.

  • Joel is an orphaned squirrel who's been everywhere & loves adventure - sailing & boating, building things, knitting, camping, fishing, &  riding camels, to name a few. He also enjoys teaching & reading.

  • Dixie is a gender non-conforming bird. They are caring, kind, a little selfish & controlling, gregarious & an extremely talented cook & craft person.

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  • To see easy to follow, line by line, 3D paper projects based on "Stories from Scootertown" characters & scenes visit "Let's Make!" on YouTube!

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